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Avoid Being a Call Center Hopper

So you decided to submit your resume in that call center company one of your friends was so eager to tell you about. You were lured by the fact that the company offers high salary, superb benefits and compensation package and not to mention the additional bonuses and agent perks that you will be getting. You were able to complete all the training sessions – the voice and accent as well as the product specifications. However, while waiting for that magical regularization document that everybody is waiting for, you do not feel the enthusiasm you felt when you first started. In fact, you already received a notice for tardiness twice, and in your email inbox waits a draft of the resignation letter you are thinking of submitting by the end of the week.

You might think that this is totally cool, because you did the very same thing with the previous BPO company that you worked with, and even with the company before that. One thing that may have not crossed your mind is that, it is already becoming habitual and you can now probably be tagged as a call center hopper.

Moving from one company to another is not good habit, and everyone knows that. Imagine how funny your resume would look like, having so many work experiences yet you only stayed for a few months. That would not look so good to your new employer, especially if you are eyeing to be with another company in similar industry. Also, how would you be able to step up the career ladder if you cannot even stay in one company for more than a year? You would not want to be an agent forever, of course. For once or twice in your life, you also have thought about how it would feel to sit in a workstation without putting on your headset and not take calls, as you check emails and start recording agent performances.

Yes, being a call center agent is not an easy job. As much as you would like to find a company that perfectly suits all your needs and wants – high salary, no shifting schedules, weekends off, understanding management and a whole bunch of agent perks, sad to say, a company like that may have not been established yet. Learn how to be contented for what you have right now, and surely, something more than what you have will come your way.

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