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How to Avoid Call Center Hopping

Because there are a lot of call center companies out there these days, and all of them are offering fairly competitive salary, incentives and employee perks, most people are seeking the opportunity to be employed in them. There are also some of those who are already employed, but claim to be looking for a “greener pasture”, looking for better opportunities, higher salaries and better management. That is totally fine, however, if you’ve been working for six months, and have already been in three to four companies, then you could already be tagged as a call center hopper.

Being a call center hopper is not good, especially when a new employer is looking at your work history. Furthermore, it does not help you grow career wise. Here are a few tips on how to avoid being a hopper.

Check company profile before sending your resume. Referrals and feedbacks from friends about the call center company you are about to apply for helps. This would already give you the idea if the company suits your capabilities and you would know if you would actually enjoy working in there. Enjoying your work is important, because in the end, it’s one of the reasons you’ll have to stay.

Leave for the right reasons. You may want to transfer to another company because the salary offer is higher and better compared to the company you currently work for. Or maybe you might think that the management is better that the one you have right now. Well, it is always good to receive more than what you have right now, but you might probably want to think about long term goals. You can also achieve that kind of salary in time, in your current company, or if you choose to step up the career ladder. Imagine yourself being in a higher position and not just an agent.

Be content. You might be thinking of leaving your company simply because you are not satisfied or no longer happy with your job. Evaluate yourself, maybe you are just tired or maybe, you need a bit of a breather. Take a break, and you may find that love for your current job once again once you have fully rested.

Keeping your job and grow should be one of your goals, career wise. Even if it is not in the call center industry, you should be able to learn on how to keep your job for long.

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