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AWS Contact Center Solutions

AWS Contact Center Solutions is contact Center Company that specializes in customer relationship management and services specializing in the providing flexible, high quality customer support solutions particularly on inbound technical support and customer service using multiple channels from phone, email, web and chat.

AWS Contact Center Solutions primarily delivers services to an English Speaking market hence it develops a team of agents that are proficient not only in communications but on the culture of its market in order to deliver superb service. The company delivered the best practices in customer care management starting with staff development and motivation. Happy and effective service entails happy and effective customer service representatives. This is achieved by providing employees with the best compensation and training in the industry.

The company also provides clear career path and mobility to employees not simply short term rewards. Training is conducted regularly to ensure continuous development. The training focuses not only on improving communication skills but technical skills and customer service skills. Regular training allows employees to continuously abreast themselves with the changes and trends in the industry. Technology Training is of particular interest to AWS Call Center because of the rapid phase of technological development. AWS Philippines offers its services in a multichannel format in order to effective reach and target clients in their most convenience. One of the least and neglected factors of customer service is socialization. AWS call center agents are highly social because human relationships are built on social communications and not merely on impersonal communications.

Incidentally, agents are also encouraged to be personal. Services are not rendered by memorizing or reading a script but by tailoring program in such a way that allows agents to personalize their service to each client. Agents are trained to listen closely to clients not only to respond more accurately but also to obtain feedback in order to further improve their services. As a global leader in customer relationship management, AWS Philippines rigidly and consistently implements these best practices to maintain its position in the industry.

AWS Contact Center Solutions call center is located in:

  • AWS Ortigas
    17E Strata 100 Bldg. 
    Don Francisco, Ortigas Jr. Rd. 
    Ortigas Center, Pasig City 

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