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Ayannah Information Solutions

Ayannah is a leading provider of digital commerce and payment services to migrants and the unbanked or the majority of people who does not have bank accounts in their host countries that restrict their financial transactions. Through its services, it empowers and enriches the lives of unbanked individuals by allowing them to send and share values over the social and mobile web.

Through Ayannah’s digital commerce and payment services unbanked migrants literacy are given access to products and services that improve quality of life, empower them to support their beneficiaries in their home country by giving them greater control over their hard-earned remittances.

Among the major service solutions of Ayannah included the Sendah Direct, Cloud-based Software as a Service launch in October 2010, which allows unbanked migrants to send their remittances or conduct financial services in a secure, reliable and scalable manner. Sendah is its B2C service for the migrant, which especially caters Overseas Filipinos (OFs), that allow for B2C transactions. Finally, it also has Gamenah, a B2C service for online gamers that features an online wallet that allows online gamers to buy all types of prepaid game credits and virtual goods using Over-The-Phone (OTP), Over-The-Web (OTW) and Over-The-Counter (OTC) payment options.

All of Ayannah enable secure, reliable and convenient transactions over online and mobile networks. The company operates its own services using its own intellectual properties. It also specializes in developing and monetizing proprietary and innovative “remote payment” and “present payment” solutions that allow online and mobile communities to share and transfer values such as prepaid airtime credits and other electronic cash equivalents using a variety of origination and termination modalities.
Ayannah Information Solutions call center office address:

  • Ayannah Ortigas
    30/F Jollibee Plaza
    F. Ortigas Road Ortigas Center
    Pasig City, Philippines
    Tel:63 (2) 634 8320

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