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Aztec BPO

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Aztec BPO is a company recognized to specialize in providing outsourcing services to different organizations coming from various industry. It was established in 2015 with a sole principle of creating mutually beneficial relationships as it delivers outsourcing services of exceptional standards in the lowest price possible. Providing quality services at a low cost is made possible by having its offices situated in the city of Cebu, Philippines. Aztec BPO Philippines employs highly qualified professionals but the cost of living is low that’s why the company can provide both quality and cost-effective services to its clients and business partners.

Aztec BPO offers the following services to its clients:

Digital Marketing. Aztec BPO has digital marketing professionals that are skilled in the excellent practices utilizing the best tools in the market so that the company can assist its clients achieve their marketing goals.

Virtual Assistant. The company’s virtual assistant team is comprised of experts that are proficient in various tasks such as advanced Excel, basic auditing, bookkeeping, reporting, travel booking and appointment setting, just to name a few.

Lead Generation. The lead generation team of the company is consisted of talented individuals that has innovative ways to allow clients access data that are guaranteed to be challenging and even expensive to acquire.

Copy Writing. The copywriting team of the company are a group of experts that possess multidisciplinary proficiency that enables them to write about a variety of subjects within a reasonable turnaround time.

Web Development. The team of web developers in the company possess the knowledge about the most current web development languages and innovation, as well as to provide for the most demanding projects.

Graphic Design. The graphic designers at Aztec BPO are trained with IU and UX. They also have the principle that branding and design are the key elements to improving remarked value of marketing materials.

Job Opportunities
Aztec BPO is currently looking of the qualified candidate that would fill the post of Virtual Assistant. In order to get qualified, you must have at least 2-year experience in related field. Exciting salary package as well as impressive compensation and benefits package await to the successful candidate. Apply now and experience career growth and personal development by being part of Aztec BPO.

Aztec BPO Philippines call center office address:

  • Aztec BPO Cebu
    8/F Skyrise 4 Bldg.
    Cebu IT Park
    Cebu City, Philippines

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