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Babypips Asia

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BabyPips.com is a site that provides easy-to-understand guide and information materials in the form of educational articles and lessons, about trading foreign currencies especially designed for beginners. It also provides tools and community to support for a user’s education such as tools to find a forex broker or to perform Forex calculations. Babypips Philippines also publishes regular market commentary and analysis, trading strategies, news reports, and price action analysis to assist newbie traders learn key market trends and attain good risk management practices. Everything one needs to get started in trading Forex is right here.

Babypips was conceptualized and designed to provide online information for beginner traders because of the limited resources about forex. It spun off the School of Pipsology, the first and most comprehensive collection of Forex lessons on the web, which starts with the basics of Forex, such as Forex brokers, fundamental and technical analysis, Japanese Candlesticks and support and resistance levels, to advance topics such as chart patterns, Fibonacci, risk management, time-frame analysis, position sizing, using a trade journal, setting stop-losses and identifying trading style.

Apart from Forex Articles and News, BabyPips also offers Forex Tutrorials, quizzes, forums, glossary, calendar, and calculator, among others. Incidentally, the Forex Forums has over 200,000 active members who are all ready to provide answers to most basic questions such as how, when, what and who to trade with. The articles on the other hand are written by over 10 Blogs authors, each having their own individual specialization and topic of focus such as broker regulations, new currency, Finding, developing, backtesting, and rating of different mechanical, expert advisors, short term currency trade setup, Cowabunga System, economic news & data, shifts in sentiment, and upcoming FX events, macroeconomics, forex trading, pop culture, and everyday life, Technical analysis, Price action analysis, classical charting methods, among others.

Babypips.com Asia is located in Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

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