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Back Office Jobs in Call Center

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Back office out-sourcing or back office jobs in a call center or BPO company pertains to business operations or functions essential for running a company that does not involve direct interaction with clients or consumers. These back office jobs are also called support functions which remain integral in any company and forms part as one of the many outsourcing services offered by BPO firms.

Back office jobs in call center refer to a wider range of functions important in operating a business. In the Information technology department of management information systems, this included all behind functions involved in maintaining communications working properly such as network administration and monitoring, architectural operations, ecommerce security, data management of records likes sales and purchase transactions, inventory updates and the like.

The accounting function is also a back office function including general accounting, book keeping, accounts management, Accounts payable/receivable, reconciliation of different accounts of the company, Invoices, receipts, and report preparation, among others. The human resource function is essentially a back office function such as the Benefits Administration, Employee HR help desk, the Payroll processing. In banking and finance, back office jobs included clearance, and settlement and other unseen data processing activities.

In investment firms, back office includes the record keeping, trade confirmation, trade settlement, and regulatory compliance. In sales, this included order management, operations support, order fulfillment, Rebate Processing, Loyalty Program, Lead Generation, Order Processing, and the Returns Tracking and all other administrative functions in the company that is not directly involved the customer or does not entail interfacing or interacting with customers.

Unlike customer service representatives acting front liners directly interacting with clients, back office processing employees do not directly interface with clients but provide behind functions that are not seen by clients, which are equally important in completing the customer service chain. Lately, back office outsourcing has also become very popular in many global companies and the Philippine’s had similarly been tagged as the top destination for outsourcing back office jobs for the ability of the Filipino professionals to provide service at par with international standards.

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