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Background Check in Call Center

In the call center industry, background check is an employer’s way of assessing personal history and past work experience of the prospect employee before getting hired by the company. It also verifies that all your data in the resume is accurate and correct. If the prospect employee is found to be lying based on his/her resume, the job offer maybe rescinded by the company.

Here are the common requirements for background check:

– NBI & Police clearance – to verify that the employee doesn’t have any criminal liability
– Sketch of address & photo of house – some employers will actually verify the location using the provided sketch
– Thumbprint samples
– References from my previous companies – the employer may call the character reference. They will also ask for various offenses done by the employee.
– Reference from a family member

All these requirements will make sure that the company will only hire the right person. No one wants to hire a bad person. If the applicant has nothing to hide, then he/she has nothing to fear. The applicants can’t chastice the company. It’s their business and will do anything to protect it.

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