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Bad Habits of a Call Center Agent

Working in a call center industry is not just a job for some now. A lot of people have subconsciously turned it into a lifestyle, and some have even considered it a culture. Because there are certain things that shout ‘call center’, it would easy for one to identify if a person is working in a call center. It isn’t just the physical appearance, but the significant change in lifestyle. Here are some of them.

  1. Sunrise beer. You might be wondering what sunrise beer is, but really, it is just the ordinary beer that you can have from the bars at night. The only difference is that this is being served in the early morning hours, due to the fact that most call center agents are getting off work in the morning. This is usually done right after shift, if there is no work the following evening, though sometimes, some of agents still do this regardless.
  2. Excessive smoking. It is not very clear if the smoking areas in the call center building exist because of smoking habits of most of the agents, or most agents have gone chain smoking because there are smoking areas. Some agents have claimed that smoking can relieve the emotional pressure they feel after a bad call, or the physical stress of sitting for long stretch of hours. Some have claimed it to keep them awake during the seemingly endless graveyard shift. Whatever reasons they may have, even just for the sake of doing it, this is one thing that you’ll have a hard time avoiding.
  3. Excessive caffeine. What do you do if you are fighting sleepiness because you have to work? A lot of those who are not really coffee drinker become coffee addicts just to survive the entire graveyard shift. Although a lot of studies have proven that coffee gives us antioxidants and therefore good for our body, still, too much of everything is bad.
  4. Too much fast food. Where are you going to buy food in the middle of the night for lunch? Unless you are industrious enough to cook and bring your own packed food to work, the only options you have are fast food, food from convenience stores else from vending machines or pantry food which is usually expensive an bland. Most call center agents opt for fast food, since it’s the easiest and the fastest, and the lunch time is limited.

Call center job is so diverse that even your lifestyle seems to take a different path. But however the pressure may seem in following your colleagues’ lifestyles, always remember that you can always have your own.

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