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BagoSphere PH

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Call center application and procedure challenge one’s intellect and communication skills. There is a strong need that these people should be able to pass the test, interviews, and practicums very well. For this very reason, BagoSphere has been founded in order to prepare the young ones in their application in this field. Originally founded in Singapore, BagoSphere Philippines aims to provide the skills and talent that the young ones need whenever applying to a BPO job. BagoSphere’s goals it to produce competitive applicants in two months. Their targets are the high school or college level pupils who are willing and motivated to work. Basically, this company provides training in English communication training, Information Technology, and communication skills.

As mentioned earlier, one of their services is to provide English communication training. Their trainees are assured to get hired in their dream BPO Company once they have experience this training. In this phase, the students learn how to communicate effectively. Moreover, the use of their language skills shall be implemented in the entire program. In two months, they will also learn the correct pronunciation of the mispronounced words. This surely gives hope for the children who wish to work for the betterment of their family. Aside from this, BagoSphere PH also trains their trainees to Information Technology-related stuff. They are able to impose the basic knowledge in trouble shooting and dealing with basic technologically-based problems. Lastly, they also provide coaching before their trainees go out and apply. With the skills that they have learned, the trainees in BagoSphere PH have passed in their all applications. 80% of their trainees have passed and earned the job that they dreamed.

Their service surely touches the heart of their trainees. The reason for this is simply because they have been prepared for the future.

Why Should You Work Here?

This company is created with a purpose—and that is to prepare the young for their future. Helping the youth is their basic purpose. This should be one of the reasons why you should work here. BagoSphere PH is purpose-driven. These people know where they are going. Even if they are based in a rural area, they still believe that they can touch the lives of all the students that they meet. In two months, they are ready to face the world with its challenging reality. Hence, you are totally a kind heart once you have tried working here.

BagoSphere Philippines call center office location:

  • BagoSphere Bacolod
    Sto. Nino Building
    Rosario St., Bacolod City

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