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Balsam International

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Balsam International was founded in 2006. The Balsam Brands which is held privately is known in designing and selling home decorations and other kinds of consumer products directly to its customers. The company’s leading brand is Balsam Hill, the leading retailer of artificial Christmas trees and related holiday decoration products in the whole world.

The company is currently located in Redwood City, CA. The company’s constantly growing team is located in California, Idaho, the Philippines and Ireland. Balsam International’s experience as a team is no doubt exceptional, as it acquired its award-winning growth and exceptional capabilities from almost a decade of hard work and experience.

The company has already established its reputation through its strikingly realistic, handcrafted artificial Christmas trees. To improve the beauty if each Balsam Hill tree and home, the company also provides distinctive, world class quality Christmas decorations and other home accessories.

Balsam International has already achieved marvelous growth ever since its launch, and just like all the great and spectacular things, the company also started small. Balsam Philippines was formed after its then, soon-to-be CEO discovered that his brother-ion-law was allergic to live Christmas trees, he started to search for realistic looking artificial Christmas trees with superb quality in the market. Upon learning that he cannot find any, he decided to manufacture artificial trees himself, and after producing the first batch, soon enough, he could hardly keep on putting up with the demands, and thus, Balsam Brands was born.

The company’s pool of talented, energetic and creative people are fond of reimagining eCommerce and retail in ways that would excite and lure their customers. This also aims to leave a lasting impression on the world around them. At Balsam International, the team is composed of people who are dynamic and fun-loving which envisions possibilities and beyond, loves to love complex and challenging puzzles and putting innovation in everything that they do. The members of the team at Balsam International are a playful bunch who are all driven with passion, eager for hands-on work and constant growth.

As Balsam International continues to grow, their constant search for talented people to add their wonderful team does not cease. If you are an individual who is always eager and enthusiastic to learn new things, has a passion for hard work and believes in providing high class quality service to the consumers and clients, then Balsam International must be the company you are looking for.

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