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Barging in a Call Center

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Barging pertains the practice of managers to interject or interpose a live call between an agent or call that interrupts their conversation usually to add information while the agent and customer are on a call. Call barging is usually performed by a manager during a silent call monitoring and finds it necessary to butt in so to speak, to enhance the conversation.

Barging in a call center is usually used for training new call center agents. Managers should listen in on live calls to ensure that agents are interacting with customers effectively. They barge in if they feel like an agent needed help with the customer. Barging is also used when launching a new product. Since, some team members may not be very much familiar with the new product; managers may need to monitor live calls of the team and barge in if for instance an agent is unable to answer a query or to help the agent out. This ensures that the team communicates a consistent message and that caller’s needs are met. Barging is also used to ensure VIP callers get the service they deserve. Managers can barge to personally provide service to an important customer. It is also used to reduce escalated calls to management. Instead of transferring for instance an irate caller, a manager can barge in and speak to a customer directly.

Call barging can also be used for engaging in effective quality assurance practices. A manager can barge in after realizing that an agent being monitored needs is struggling. Finally, call barging is generally used for effectively managing a remote call center agent workforce. Aside from merely listening to live calls, call barging allows managers to directly coach help and keep a remote agent on track.

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