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Basic Call Center Qualifications

The call center industry is the one of the most sought after industries in the Philippines. Not only because of the relatively higher salary compared to other typical white collar jobs but because of its flexibility in hiring professionals. Since the most basic qualification for a call center agent is the possession of English communication skills, job opportunities in a call center company is practically open and broad to the public.

A high school diploma may even suffice so long as the applicant is adept in English and is trainable. However, the more renowned call center companies often prefer college degree holders in the assumption that college graduates have better English proficiency, has better capacity to absorb training requirements and are more adaptable and mature to a professional life. While any college degree qualifies one to apply in a call center company, it would be advantageous if one’s degree is related to the particular call center position that one is applying for.

For instance, IT graduates are apparently more qualified to become technical representatives because the customer service position usually deals with information technology matters. Marketing graduates are more apt to become outbound call center agents because they are supposed to be more familiar with marketing and sales. However, since the skills of customer service is essentially instilled during training and orientation, practically any college degree would qualify one to apply and be potentially employed in a call center.

Apart from English communication skills, basic computer skills are also required in applying in any call center position because apparently, the call center service is facilitated via remote communications or channeled through the Internet (VOIP) which entails using a computer. Thus, lack of computer skills will immediately disqualify one from working in a call center. Computer skills is even more important for non-voice accounts in which customer service is facilitated through chat or email communications, in which word processing and typing skills will be needed.

Other qualifications which would increase one’s chances of getting employed in a call center company is having the related experience in the work such as customer service experience, marketing or sales experience, previous call center experience, among others. Apparently for those apply as home-based virtual call center agent, one’s home office and equipment (computer unit and headset) would be necessary qualification to successfully apply.

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