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Bayantel Call Center

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Bayan Telecommunications or Bayantel for short is a one of the leading telecommunications company that provides telecommunication solutions and different voice and data applications to both corporate and individual customers. It is a member of the Lopez Group of Companies and is included the Philippines top 100 most profitable companies in the Philippines in terms of gross revenue.

The company also leads in providing data communications services dedicated domestic and international leased lines especially used for putting up call center companies. In lieu of which, Bayantel partnered with Five9 Virtual Call Center, a US-based company that offers comprehensive virtual call center solutions to launch its new service called “Bayan on Demand” which targets call center companies planning to expand operations nationwide and establish disaster-recovery centers. The term Bayantel call center is often construed to refer to all call center companies adopting Bayantel solutions for data communications.

Among the other important products and services of Bayantel are as follows: bayanPHONE, a postpaid landline access phone for domestic and international telecommunication; bayanVoIP, a postpaid telephone service through the Internet; bayanDSL, postpaid internet connection of Bayan (Digital Subscriber Line) and bayanPHONE Extra, a wireless landline telephone service. Behind all these products and services of the company is Bayantel’s customer support service, which essentially also refers to the Bayantel call center.

The Bayantel call center can be contacted 24-7 at (02) 412-1212 or 171 from any Bayan Phone or Bayan Wireless Landline. It handles any customer inquiry about products, request for technical support or repairs and received customer grievances and complaints for immediate action of the company. If all agents are busy, the customer can opt to leave a voice message and request for a call back from the Bayantel call center. Aside from voice communications, the Bayantel call center also has a non voice service which handles email inquiries and chat communication with customers. The live chat room is available in the Bayantel website. Customers can immediately contact an agent through chat or request for a callback, whichever is more preferable and convenient for them.

For those interested in applying the Bayantel call center, one can go to its offices at the Diliman Corporate Center in Bayan Bldg., Malingap cor. Maginhawa Sts., Teacher’s Village East Quezon City 1101 or in Roosevelt Corporate Center, Bayan Bldg., 234 Roosevelt Ave., San Francisco Del Monte Quezon City 1105.

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  1. jerlin sangoyo Reply

    iam wiiling to apply to bayan call center

    • Alfie R. Almonte Reply

      I am willing to be part of Bayantel Call Center representative.

  2. Riezl Ayris Rivera Reply

    I am willing to work as a Call Center Representative in Bayantel.

  3. Riezl Ayris Rivera Reply

    I want to apply or work in Bayantel.

  4. maria victoria c. baloto Reply

    i would like to apply in bayantel call center and may i know where i can apply personally to there office.

  5. 13/08/01

    i want to work in bayantel..tnx

  6. april tañola Reply

    i want to work as csr in your company. thanks

  7. Jefferson Reply

    What is the exact Call Center address of BAYANTEL?

  8. Hannah Lee Santos Reply

    I want to apply at Bayantel

  9. 14/01/17

    i would like ko apply in bayantel call center .. where can i apply personally? tnx

  10. 14/08/19

    My skype is not connecting. Is it blocked in our area? I am at Obrero Davao City.

  11. noriel barrios Reply

    i am willing to be part of bayantel call center

  12. marie paul libradilla Reply

    hi! i am marie paul libradilla and i have a concern with regards to my statement. tried calling customer savice but was not available at this time.i am from edmonton, alberta and i paid my bill for the month of december last january 16 and the bill for january received 23rd of 2015. so what happened is the bill from december was cartied over to january. i hope you don’t mind if you can send another statement just for the month of january because i paid last december’s invoice. thank you

  13. Renato G. Bondoc Reply

    I am willing to be part of Bayantel Call Center Representateve.
    I want to Apply or work in Bayantel

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