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BBT Online Global

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BBT Online Global is an online education center that specializes in providing Business English lessons to Japanese students, professionals and businessmen who doesn’t have time to go to school or university to study English business language. BBT Online Global Philippines spun off from the BBT University, which specializes in business English as a subject English education in February 2012. Aside from basic business English language courses, the center also provides management and business courses online in English including Masters in Business Administration.

With its online nature, BBT Online Global Philippines helps students to learn anytime, anywhere, which especially ideal for professionals who are working. The online system of BBT allows professionals to attend English business courses without having to go to school or attend a class. They can attend to their lessons at the convenience of their homes anytime of the day.

BBT Online Global utilizes vivid Business English content that has been newly developed, slide display of materials, confirmation of learning situation system, dense in crafted effect of rise curriculum; and efficiently guide all students thorough support, that will ensure learning of students. In the business courses, students can have business conversations with professionals in English so that they can practice their English communication skills. All courses are supplemented with materials and other tools that are available to students which will help them with their learning.

BBT Online Global Philippines call center office location:

  • BBT Online Makati
    Sky Plaza Building
    6788 Ayala Avenue
    Makati City, Philippines
    Tel: (02) 818 1044

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