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BDSC Int-Support

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BDSC Int-Support Inc. the extension office of Benco’s Information Technology Division.. It has been collaborating with the I.T. managers in personnel for over four years, with the aim to enhance larger and multifaceted branded software projects. Benco Dental is known to be the largest, family-owned company that focuses on dental distribution throughout the United States. The company currently employs more than 400 people, all belonging to the sales team, who cater the more than 30,000 customers that are based in the U.S. The company believes that its success was made possible by its associates and also, the people who are working very hard to make it on a day-to-day basis. Benco Dental is both aggressive and progressive, and believes that if the people are not working too hard, then that means that they are going downhill.

Why Work with BDSC Int-Support
BDSC Int-Support Inc. is a company that not only does business. It also acts through values and principles that the company believes in. The company holds these certain values that other IT companies may not possess.

Environment Friendly. LEED Silver Certification is a federal program that identifies companies that are environmentally conscious. BDSC Int-Support Inc. has a facility called CenterPoint, which has been qualified for the said certification. In addition to this, the company also company also aims to decrease its waste products by 50% thru implementing programs for recycling paper, glass, plastic, aluminum, batteries and cellphones.

Strive for Continues Improvement. The company also has a division dedicated to the improvements of its processes as well as the employees. Benco Continuous Improvement is in charge of conducting seminars improvement events and other initiatives that will help the company’s processes and employees get better.

Sharing its Profits to the Needy. Furthermore, BDSC Int-Support has been involved in some charitable activities where in it shares its profit. Some of these charity works include United Way, Headstart, Habitat for Humanity, Carbofund, Dental Trade Alliance, Globe Smile Foundation and national Foundation of Dentistry and Handicapped, just to name a few.

BDSC Int-Support call center office address:

  • BDSC Makati
    4/f Coherco Corporate Center
    116 V.A Rufino St.
    Legazpi Village, Makati City

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