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Be Confident as a Call Center Agent

Confidence is crucial in any endeavor including in all types of work. In the call center industry, confidence is important because agents directly communicate with clients who in most cases are foreigners that could be intimidating for some. It is therefore important for managers and supervisors to find practical ways to boost the confidence of agents. Here are some tips for building confidence of call center agents.

Provide feedback. One of the major reasons for losing the agent’s loss of confidence is their own perceived personal weaknesses in handling calls. It is therefore important for supervisors to actively monitor each agent to successfully identify said weakness and provide the necessary feedback for agents to improve themselves. Such feedback can be comprised by simply offering some advice and sharing one’s experiences. It is also worthwhile to note that the approach in giving feedback should be constructive instead of being destructive. Criticizing agents for their weaknesses will not help but could only worsen their doubt about themselves.
Aside from giving constructive feedbacks, managers and supervisors can also give positive feedbacks in terms of praises or complements which would definitely boost the agent’s ego and confidence. This works as an incentive that will encourage agents to work better.

Provide training. Confidence level is directly affected by agent deficiencies which can be addressed through proper training. Training is conducted for agents to learn the skills that they need to effectively provide their services. Training facilitates learning to engender relatively permanent change in capabilities of the agent. In conducting training programs, the first step is to conduct a needs assessment in order to identify what behavioral changes are required or what skills needed to be developed. This is followed by the design and development of the training programs which included selecting the proper training method. It is also important to note different people may require different approaches to learning. It may also be required to personalize the training program to suit the needs of individual agents and to effectively bring out the best results

Apply buddying technique. Aside from coaches and trainers, agents can also get advises and tips from their peers which can be facilitated through buddying. As agents themselves, buddies can easily relate to the experiences of the agents and provide more practical and relevant tips to improve agent performance.

Provide fun at work. Confidence emanates from oneself which may not be merely provided by outside forces. Find ways to make work fun so that agents build confidence from the inside.

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