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Beijing Adam International-Philippines

Beijing Adam International is a company that serves as a mediator for Chinese investors, students and individuals to transact business, study, learn English and other things in the Philippines. Beijing Adam Philippines provides assistance to Chinese clients to purchase property, immigrate and invest abroad, in countries such as USA, Cyprus, Spain, Canada and some other countries. This included finding properties and handling the administrative details to expedite deal under the provisions of their respective laws of the aforementioned countries.

It helps Chinese nationals in facilitating entry to the Philippines to study in major Philippine Universities. This included helping them secure permit and student visa, finding the appropriate course and university as well as finding right accommodations. Finally, Beijing Adam Philippines also provides an online teaching school mainly for English education to Chinese residing in Mainland China. In line with this, the counterpart online school’s name that offers online English tutorial in China is 5uwaijiao (pronounced as wuyou waijiao). This literally means “no worries in learning English”.

As an English online teaching school, Beijing Adam Philippines serves as a platform for people who want to improve their Oral English skills for their purpose of studying abroad, job seeking and further career development, immigration to English-speaking countries, etc.5U represents the service philosophy for English for U, class for U, teacher for U, service for U, and we are all for U, which U specifically stands for students. 5uwaijiao provides the best quality English education and most professional educators for English learners.

The Beijing Adam International branch in the Philippines is the locator for the Filipino English teacher that teaches Chinese students English online. The company handles different level and age bracket of students and provides different programs appropriate to the efficiency level and requirement of the client. Courses 5U offer are divided into 5 parts. These are Popular English, Campus English, Professional English, International Culture English and High-End English*. All lessons follow a fun and innovative approach to make students enjoy learning English.

Beijing Adam International Philippines call center office location:

  • Beijing Adam Makati
    Burgundy Corporate Tower
    Buendia Ave., Makati City

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