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Benedict Carl Manpower Consulting

Benedict Carl Manpower Consulting Inc. (BCMCI) is a well-built provider of permanent professionals to organizations from Executive positions down to Rank and File positions especially in the BPO industry. With over fives four years of manpower consulting experience, Benedict Carl Philippines has founded long term solid relationship with different largely multinational and reputable companies and achieved proficiency in creating smooth sailing recruitment processes that empower it to provide the right service to its partners. As a Career Development firm, Benedict Carl Manpower Consulting Inc contributes in building society by providing gainful permanent direct employment to the Filipino people.

Benedict Carl Manpower Consulting is a division of Andrews Manpower Consulting, Inc.(AMCI), an international recruitment firm established in 2005 that has deployed thousands of people abroad from the Hospitality, Financial Services, Telecommunications, IT, Manufacturing, Engineering, Construction, Healthcare, Contracting, etc industries. The name Benedict Carl was derived from the names of the founders’ parents, to whom the founders owes the philosophy of seeking to enrich life rather than seeking to enrich oneself in life, which served as the core values upon which the company was founded. In line with this, Benedict Carl seeks to assist people to find employment in line with their skills and interests. It aims to help employees earn sufficiently to meet their individual and family financial needs. It strives to deal with its partners with integrity and a spirit of service. And finally, it aims not only to meet but to exceed the targeted return of investments set for by stockholders.

As a recruitment firm, Benedict Carl provides a direct service placement for manpower requirements in local companies. It aims to establish long term relationship with its partners by endeavoring to meet their current and future manpower requirements. To achieve this, it implements a hands-on management system where a Top Senior Management Officers personally meets with partners and by anticipating the partners’ possible requirements and developing a pool of qualified candidates that are ready to be tapped for future deployment.

Benedict Carl Manpower Consulting recruitment office:

  • Benedict Carl Makati
    2/F GMA Loubel Plaza
    7514 Bagtikan Street
    San Antonio Village
    Makati City, Philippines

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