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Benefits of Team Scheduling

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Team-based scheduling basically means approaching the determination and establishment of work schedule as a group or team instead of individually. This essentially means engaging the participation of every member of the group in scheduling tasks so that the organization can comprehensively integrate the requirements of each member in terms of whom and when one member will be absent, when and which member is willing to work double or overtime, among others. It should also consider the cross-functional skills required for the team to perform its function. By considering the individual circumstances, requirements and capabilities of each member of the team, the company can better ensure a schedule that fits the needs of employees instead of imposing schedules that runs the risk of absence. This is very crucial in a service company like call centers because attendance and strict adherence to schedule is very important to ensure continuous service from the company, which forms part of their quality service. Team scheduling allows the company to accommodate schedules that are most convenient and preferred by employees. It basically allows companies to adjust to the schedule of the employees for attaining better attendance and productivity.

Apart from better scheduling and attendance among employees, team scheduling distributes scheduling responsibility to each and every member of the team. Thus it further compels and facilitates team work that in turn fosters solidarity and unity within the company. A team approach to scheduling also makes it more acceptable for employee members to create and accept any disciplinary action against a delinquent member because the whole team is affected with the laziness or laxity of a single member.

Over the last decade, many companies have adopted the strategy of team scheduling or self-directed work teams, which had proven to result to better employee motivation and productivity and decreased bureaucracy. However, it must be noted that most companies implementing team scheduling are manufacturing companies. In the case of a call center company, the concept of team scheduling can easily be implemented for businesses with small operations. However, it much bigger companies in which the workload of calls to be addressed may randomly vary each hour and from time to time, the need to establish a fixed workload, which is a little difficult to forecast, should also be considered in team scheduling. Else, a call center company will be at risk of overstaffing or understaffing.

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