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Benefits of Working in a Call Center Industry

Most young professionals these days opt to work in the call center industry. This is probably due to the fact that it’s easier to get a job because there are so many BPO companies that continuously hire employees. You can get hired in a matter of days and the chances of career growth are very high. One more reason why a lot of people are attracted to work in this kind of environment is that if you’re an undergraduate, as long as you’ve finished two years in college, you can get a job as a customer support agent or technical support agent for that matter. Not to mention the fact that there are so many call center benefits that you can get once you get hired. Let us have a quick rundown on the call center perks that you can enjoy once you work in a call center.

  1. The salary that you’ll be getting is above minimum wage. There are companies who give as much as P20, 000.00 as starting basic salary. This is way much better than working in grocery stores and fast food chains.
  2. There are allowances that are given to each agent depending on the account that you’ll work for. Technical allowances are given to tech support agents because their job entails a harder type of support because they deal with the technical issues of the customers and some of which are computer issues and internet connection problems. Additional allowances such as voice, clothing, rice, transportation and meal allowances are given to agents depending on what is written in their contract.
  3. Graveyard shifters are given night differential and hazard pay to compensate for the unlikely hours and the different shift that they have to cover. Some agents love to work at night because of the additional benefits that they can get. This means added pay on their paycheck thereby allowing them to earn more.
  4. HMO coverage is also given to employees to cover for their health benefits. There are companies that can cover for additional beneficiaries as long as you present the necessary documents. Companies offer as much as P100, 000.00 worth of medical benefits.
  5. Some accounts give extra commission to agents who reach their quotas. This applies to accounts that need to sell certain products and services. This is the company’s way of motivating their employees to up sell.
  6. There are call center companies that offer sign in bonuses. The moment you get hired and sign the contract that’s given to you, they will give you a bonus and can be credited to your pay check in a matter of months.
  7. You tend to gain more knowledge when you start working. You’ll undergo different trainings to help you become familiar with the type of product that you’ll be supporting.
  8. Your social life will definitely improve because you’ll be able to meet different kinds of people and there are team buildings to ensure that you can unwind to release your stress from the demanding work schedule that you have.

These and more are the benefits of working in a call center. There may be disadvantages because of the stress brought about by the job but overall, working in this kind of industry is not bad at all especially if you consider the benefits and the salary that you can get.


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