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Best Customer Service Spiels

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The best customer service spiels are characterized by its sincerity, optimism and focus on the customer’s needs. The sincerity of the spiel is determined ultimately by the agent, which is reflected in the spontaneity and naturalness of the voice, tone and delivery of the agent.

Optimism on the other hand refers to the cheerfulness and willingness of the agent to serve as well as the confidence that the concern of the customer will be addressed. This optimism can be reinforced by adverbs of manner that stress positivism such as definitely, surely, of course, without doubt, indeed, and certainly, among others. This can also be conveyed using positive phrases like “rest assured”, “for sure”.

In remote communications especially between two strangers as in the case of a contact service center, one approach to give assurance to clients is to “personalize” the help. This can be expressed by the phrases, “I will personally ensure”, “I will do my best” and “what I will do for you”, etc. This personalized approach is also often given in making advices to customers. This can be communicated in the phrases, “I personally recommend”, “I would suggest” and “I would advise”, etc.

Finally, great customer service spiels are customer oriented. Everything is focused on the customer’s benefits and actions. For instance in explaining what a customer need to do, an agent can say “All you need to do”, “you simply have to” or “you merely need to”, etc. Finally, customer service is about how something benefits a customer which can be transmitted by the phrases, “you will surely enjoy”, “for only this much”, “you have a variety of options”, “the best plan that fits your needs”, and you will definitely have”, etc.

In a contact center industry where customer service is fundamentally delivered through communications, the language that agent use definitely has a strong impact on service is served and how customers perceive and evaluate the service. This is even more critical for outbound telemarketing or sales customer service. Hence, the agents should learn how to be always sincere, positive and customer oriented in their interactions.

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