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Best Spiels for Closing Sale

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There are varieties of closing scripts that one can adopt or creative make for almost every imaginable scenario. This is especially true in retail sales whose closing scripts had become so common and routine that any suspecting customer can immediately recognize it’s a ploy. Hence, it is important for telemarketing agents to be more creative in creating scripts and successfully close deals in a single meeting or phone call. Following are some examples that agents can flexibly adopt in closing a sale.

Endorsement by a Competitor: This has been selling like pancakes. In fact, company x has already avail of our services.
A choice: Sir, would you like the X model or they Y model?
Calling a bluff Called: Sir, if I can get you the preferred color, would you take it?
Urgency: Sir, I suggest you order now because the discount or sale price ends today.
Sir, I want you to order now because there is only one stock left.
Try: Sir, if I show you that it will achieve your objectives, will you consider giving it a try ?
The Challenge: Sir, I don’t think this model fits you well. I believe that this high end model is more appropriate for a man of your stature.
Value Added: Sir, you can pay in installment so you don’t have to worry with paying a large lump sum.
Luxury: Sir, I believe you need to treat yourself with our product once in a while.
An assumption: Sir, when do you want this delivered?

It must be noted though, that the approach that a salesperson takes on a customer would involve different factors such as the product being sold, the circumstances and most specially the personality and background of the prospective customer. Hence, it is important for telemarketers to have a understanding of the profile of customer so that they can correctly approach him or her and make the suitable spiel that can effectively close a deal.

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