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Betica Technology Solutions

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Betica Technology Solutions along with its’ skilled professionals maintain the lead in providing technological solutions in both Europe and Asia. Betica was founded in December of 2011. The company was instituted with years of industry experience and competent staff members in a high rising feat of competitive business challenge. Betica Philippines effectively and efficiently provides support to your business challenges with advanced strategic solutions and customer focused services. It provides customers with IT services, business solution as well as nearshore consultancy and offshore outsourcing.

Company Objectives

  • Increase profitability and efficiency by doing more with less.
    As the primary goal of business ventures, Betica ensures increase in profitability by effectively utilizing company resources for support and services. To maintain competent business ventures, Betica ensures efficiency in all aspects of the company.
  • Rapidly and effectively respond to the changing market demands. Thereby improving organizational agility.
    In the business world where change in the market demands is inevitable, Betica strives to continually adapt to the needs of the business as well as improve intellectual acuity in overcoming challenges.
  • Leverage IT as a strategic driver for competitive advantage, not just as a business utility.
    As the leading technology solutions provider, complete knowledge and understanding about information technology related subject is essential in providing efficient technical support and maintaining competitive business advantage.

Services offered by Betica Technology Solutions

  • E-gaming platforms
    • Web based applications: These are programs that rely on web browsers to render the application.
    • Retail Terminal Solutions: Highly efficient and reliable solution to traditional on-line gaming terminals.
    • Reporting and Auditing tools: Allows operators to manage and track user behavior and utilization.
    • Account Management: Allows operators to manage accounts and services.
    • Sport Feeds: This service allows customers to remain up to date with current sports related news.
    • Casino and Poker Integration: Allows gaming integration to casino and poker platforms.
  • QA, Automation and delivery
    • Manual functional testing: This service allows manually testing software for defects and functionality.
    • Automated Testing: As manual testing tends to be time consuming, automated test can be utilized repeatedly and time effective.
    • Migration Testing: This service allows testing software that will allow data migration.
    • GUI Testing: This service tests the Graphical User Interface of a specific product. It checks option availability and feature functionality.
    • Scripting and Process Automation: Provide a powerful tool to perform more automated build and workflow processing.
    • Continuous Delivery: A process by which a software delivery is constantly automated and improved to ensure rapid, reliable and repeated enhancements on various system software.
  • Development and Consultancy
    • Nearshore Consultancy: Allows transfer of business or IT processes in a nearby country sharing borders.
    • Offshore outsourcing: Allows relocation of business from one country to another.

Betica is a project based company that ensures all client requirements are gathered to ensure that challenges are overcame wisely and goals are achieved effectively. The primary goal of the company is to cater the needs and provide solutions to current issues.

Betica Philippines call center office location:

  • Betica Fort Bonifacio
    20/F Picadilly Star
    4th Avenue corner 27th Street
    Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
    Tel: +63 2 880 0655

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