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Beware of Call Center Syndicates

The growth of the call center industry in the Philippines is similarly taken advantage of scrupulous people to conduct their innovative criminal activities. Just recently, 78 Chinese nationals from Taiwan were arrested by the police in Davao city for operating a call center company used to extort money from their compatriots.

The syndicate disguised itself as a legitimate call center company calling Taiwanese nationals and forcing them to pay their loans or debts, usually fabricated, else they would refer the matter to the police. Associates of the syndicate act as police in uniform and go to the houses of the victims to harass them until they are forced to pay. While this innovative scheme had been divulged due to the arrest of its perpetrators, there are other call center syndicates that continue to harass people that remain at large.

This call center syndicates have varied fraudulent schemes. Among the most common schemes by these criminal syndicates included calling a person for an emergency, to solicit money for a certain foundation, to offer a person to a certain fictitious service, product or transaction, which involves the client contributing money, or spending some form of initial cash lay out. Other call centers are simply used to harass clients and sometimes forms part of a greater intel used to gather background information of a potential victim of robbery.

Applicants of a call center company are thus enjoined to be cautious and avoid this type of call center companies. When applying in a certain company, applicants should research a background of the company by finding information from the Internet, from friends or directly from its current employees. It is also advisable to check the status of a company with the Department of Trade and Industry, the local government or any other government agency to check their legitimacy. Let us all be wary of criminals who pervade the world including the call center industry.

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