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BH Technologies has an advance technology system, and has the right development tools and to utilize the latest methodologies and operate your webpage to next level, develop webpage drive statistics and browse with more efficiency – compatible with mobile devices; iPad, Android and Blackberry operating systems, iPhone etc. when accessing your site.

BH Technologies‘ Web Design system will construct your site representing company’s goal giving a huge strike service to its clients. Other services available: Web Development, SEO – very effective tool to keep your company on top among search engines available online, improving your site’s quality service of using.
And Personal Solutions to make your site unique from the others – as what always should be in every company – for whatever type of business you have. BH Technologies covers solutions to meet today’s changing demands.

Web Services:

• Website Redesigns
• Professional Web Design
• Graphic Design
• Website Maintenance
• E-Commerce Web Design

Main Services Offered:

• SEO – Search Engine Optimization
• Web Design – Customer friendly design
• Web Development – Advanced technology with the right tools
• Personalized Solutions – Resume Database, RX Ordering System

Project made by BH Solutions:

• Tallahassee Cleaning Solutions. An office cleaning company has an informational webpage from BH Solutions. Company is based in Tallahassee.
• Skinner and Associates. An Executive Recruiting company for informatics Industry and Healthcare Imaging. Featuring Joomla 1.5, Flash slideshows.
• Shumate Legal Nurse Consulting. Webpage information for Knoxville, Tennessee based business as legal nurse consulting expert, using Joomla 1.5, Flash slideshows.
• Central Optical. Unlike the above listed companies, this one features real-time ordering structure, customized template for mobile devices like iPhone, Flash slideshow, sales flyer management extension documents, Twitter feed, inventory management customized template and Joomla1.5.Provided Flash animation, customized Joomla template, Online RX ordering, Web Design, Lens Inventory, template for mobile users.

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