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Bigcommerce Philippines

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Bigcommerce is an American company specializing in creating a platform for the creation of online-stores. It gives an opportunity for small to medium businesses to setup online stores for themselves rather than relying on big names such as Amazon, E-bay to promote their wares. Although this is not a company that hires employees per se, Bigcommerce Philippines serves as a medium for new and experienced developers alike to provide services to clients who want to outsource the creation of their respective websites/online stores.

Development of online stores using Bigcommerce can be an excellent additional skill for developers who want to do freelance. Due to the increasing popularity of the creation of self-made stores, the demand for developers who are knowledgeable in this skill is also increasing.

For Filipino developers, this is particularly a very good opportunity to earn good money. Filipinos are particularly in demand due to our innate ability to do excellent work and the opportunity for clients to cut on costs due to our relatively low cost of living.
Aside from the potential of earning a hefty amount of money, you have also the chance to do work at the comforts of your home. No need to worry about waking up early, getting caught up in traffic and all those hassles you experience in a 9-5 day job. You get to work at your own pace, at your own accord.

To set up shop and to gain potential clients, it is advisable to approach first big and established freelancing websites like Upwork, elance and freelancer. This is to gain a considerable reputation and to cut the hassle in finding suitable clients. These websites do the tiring work for you by providing a system in which a freelancer can easily find a client offering a job which is in line with your skills.

After gaining considerable reputation, creating your own website where you showcase and offer your skills would be the next big thing to do. By doing so you can potentially gain more stable clients and gain the confidence to value your work highly in monetary terms.

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