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How to become Bilingual Call Center Agent?

A Bilingual Call Center Agent pertains to any agent who can facilitate and communicate one’s customer services in two languages. This specialized agents usually cater to a market where English is not the lingua franca. Thus, the agent needs to learn to communicate with the common language of the client to facilitate communication and transaction.

The concept of bilingual call center agents is not really new especially in the Philippines. Many local companies have already implemented the use for bilingual service representatives to facilitate communication with the local market especially considering the many varying dialects in the different regions in the Philippines. Call centers of local financial credit card institutions also used bilingual call center agents, specifically those speaking in Mandarin because of the prevalence of Chinese Filipinos in the country.

So how exactly can you become a bilingual call center agent? The simplest way is for one to learn another major international language apart from English such as Spanish, French, Mandarin, Arabic or Russian. One should not only know how to speak a different language but speak with equal fluency in that particular language. There are numerous schools and language foundations where one can enroll to study the particular language one is interested in.

At the moment, most call center companies operating in the Philippines have openings for bilingual call center agents who can speak Spanish and Japanese. These are two other markets which have been successfully penetrated by the country’s contact center outsourcing prowess. However, there is also a demand for bilingual agents who can speak Mandarin and Arabic. These bilingual agents usually find employment opportunities in call centers operating abroad namely in Singapore and UAE (i.e. Dubai)

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