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BIR Customer Service

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There is never a bad time to check up and update your taxes. As a Filipino, it is your duty to pay your taxes as a mean of contributing to government projects and other things that need funding. For a quick and deliberate way of being up to date with your tax information, BIR’s hotline/service is always ready to take on your queries and concerns.

Having a hotline number is an efficient way of dealing with people’s concerns.For one, it lessens the frequency of people flocking the offices to voice out their concerns. With BIR’s service hotline, the people can easily contact the bureau for their immediate concerns and questions.

The trunkline for BIR’s National Office Building (located at BIR Road, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines) is 9817000. Everyone can hit up the hotline and fire questions that concern the status of your tax. Whether it’s for registering your businesses or updating your personal information, BIRs main office hotline is ready to take on the task of providing the proper support for the people’s concerns.

For Public Information and Education Division Direct Lines for Tax Queries, BIR serves up the people with following hotline numbers: 981-7250; 981-7251; 981-7252. Through these hotlines, the people can ask the frequently asked questions about taxes. Also, these numbers will serve as the medium wherein the government can update the public about certain changes in taxes and other regulations.

BIR has updated their Customer Assistance Division hotline (981-7003; 981-7020; 981-7030; 981-7040; 981-7046) to accommodate more customers at once and be more efficient when it comes to dealing with issues and concerns about taxes. BIR’s Customer Assistance Division hotline has served countless people and saved them from the inconvenience of dealing with tax problems.

BIR has certainly done the necessary steps to make their services easily accessible to the people. BIR has made itself more accommodating as it reaches out to the people who are in dire need of help as they deal with their taxes. Now, it’s up to the people to play their part in the government and pay their taxes evenly.

There is only so much the government and its departments can do. It’s a good thing that BIR set up a convenient hotline for the people to use in time of need. It’s in the Filipino people’s hands to be considerate of their duties and pay up their debt to society before it’s too late.

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