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Bitsavvy Philippines

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Bitsavvy Philippines is a company that’s focused on providing top notch IT, Development and Marketing solutions to its clients. The company was founded in 2014 and is the primary supplier of marketing and technology services to two major companies, Dynamic Quest, and Red Letter Marketing.

With headquarters strategically located in Clark Free Port Zone (Philippines) it’s more accessible to airports for clients and naval bases that may need the company’s services.

In no less than three years, Bitsavvy Philippines has started to create buzz and make a name for itself while attracting potential clients along the way. Through the quality of services it provides, Bitsavvy Philippines has jumpstarted campaigns and developed countless models for successful Marketing plans and innovative IT solutions.

Android and iOS development are two of the primary services Bitsavvy Philippines provides which revolves around creating and developing applications for the consumers and our clients. Web Development for your websites and other web content is also covered by Bitsavvy Philippines’ development services.

Bitsavvy Philippines also provides marketing services like digital marketing and research. Through our help, your marketing campaigns will surely hit the mark for your target consumers. The company will create a rundown of current and future trends so you’d always have a fresh marketing strategy.

IT Solutions, namely Cloud Support, Data Analysis, and Database Administration are few of the services we provide to secure your data and strengthen your protection against hackers and support for the traffic from your clients.

Bitsavvy Philippines aims to connect the companies to its target audience with unique Marketing Strategies. The company’s primary goal is to expedite the development of its client’s brand to generate more income, and in turn, provide Bitsavvy Philippines more credibility in that specific field. Bitsavvy Philippines’ vision for its IT solution is simple: to provide an innovative stream of information for their clients.

Bitsavvy main office:

  • Bitsavvy Clark
    3/F Clark Center 7 Berthaphil Clark Center
    Jose Abad Santos Ave., Clark
    Pampanga, Philippines

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