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Bladegrass Technologies

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Bladegrass Technologies, Inc. is an IT company focused on the pioneering and advanced solutions that will enable businesses get in the lead in today’s competitive industry. The company was founded in 2010 and with a significant dedication to technological advancements, targets to launch itself as the primary provider of IT solutions through the exceptional quality of the products and services delivered to its clients, as well as its excellent value that it provides not only to its business partners, but also to its direct consumers.

Bladegrass Technologies has a varied team of experts that enables the company to possess the capabilities and the competence it needs to have an edge in the tight competition in the industry. It also allows the company to survive the encounters it faces in the industry where the only constant thing is change. Bladegrass Technologies, Inc. is also devoted to offer and provide only the excellent solutions to its clients. In addition to these, it also guarantees the entire success of its clients by acknowledging and attending diligently to their different needs and requirements.

Products and Services
Bladegrass Technologies provides wide ranging products that primarily includes IT related hardware and software such as network equipment, servers, desktops, laptops, headsets, cables, IP telephony and other PC peripherals. As an IT company, Bladegrass Technologies, Inc. provides IT related services such as:

Software Development. The pool of professionals assigned to the software development tasks is dedicated to develop and customized software solutions for businesses primarily for Enterprise and SME businesses. The service also includes software solutions for companies like hospitals, hotels, and other professional services industry.

Systems Integration. This group is assigned to develop and execute endwise technology solutions that attend to the different needs of the clients for their businesses. It works together with the partners in technology that are well-positioned in the industry.

Web Services. The professionals in this area are assigned to conceptualize and enhance the web-based solutions and services that accommodate a carried selection of industry and market segments. The online jobsite for seafarers, Seaworkhunter.com and software-as-a-service (SaaS) services are just some of the web services that is included in this service.

Bladegrass Technologies office address:

  • Bladegrass Paranaque
    Suite A-115 Sky Freight Center
    Ninoy Aquino Ave.
    Paranaque City, Philippines

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