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Blue Cross Insurance Health Care

Blue Cross Insurance Health Care is an expert in providing medical and travel insurance. They shape their products and services to clients who want only the best in healthcare and protection when travelling.

Blue Cross Insurance, Inc. is based in the Philippines, and with sister companies in Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and other operating entities in Hong Kong. They specialize in medical, travel and accident insurance market. Blue Cross is part of a wider group of insurance companies operating across Asia, with a particular focus on the ASEAN region. The aim of the group is to be recognized as market leaders and Asian specialist insurers of medical and travel lines.

Blue Cross’ Vision

Blue Cross’ vision is to be the recommend medical and travel insurance provider to its clients.

Products and Services

Medical Plans for Individuals and Families

Ideal for: AB market, high net-worth individuals, senior executives and their extended family, expatriates looking for high value international medical insurance.

Ideal for: Offered to those who have middle income to broad upper income, families and senior citizens.

Medical Plans for Groups
Ideal for: The said plan is offered to small or large companies. At the same time, Medical Plans for Groups are also offered as employee benefits.

Their Medical Plans may also be offered as second layer insurance to groups.

Travel Insurance Plans
Blue Cross’ Travel insurance is not just for business only but for pleasure as well with benefits and premiums on a per trip basis. Not only that, they also have travel insurance for the frequent traveler with premiums, Medical and Personal Accident benefits on an annual basis.

Group travel insurance are also welcome for short trips and insurance for persons coming overseas and are bound for the Philippines, or have included Philippines in their itinerary.

What is new and going on at Blue Cross Insurance Health Care?

CRITICAL COVER EXTRA, the Blue Royale rider now offers coverage for critical illnesses such as cancer, heart attack, stroke, and others.

Blue Cross Goes an Extra Mile: Travel Insurance for the Iceland Volcanic Eruption.

Value Plus Promo for Renewing Clients Executive Check-Up (for Blue Royale Clients) Annual Physical Exam (for Selected Clients)

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  1. Ted Podson Reply

    I am an American, 70 yrs old, will be traveling to the States to visit the family in March till July 2018.
    Would like info and cost.
    I am in Cebu city

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