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Blue Exigo

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Blue Exigo aims to provide the necessary outsourcing services that entrepreneurs need. They are committed in providing the most affordable rates of agents. The company assures their clients that their experience and team can provide the best service. Since their establishment, they have recovered and given solutions to their clients. Moreover, Blue Exigo team is filled with professionals who are expert and experienced in their chosen field. Hence, its commitment in providing the small and medium sized businesses is still present up today.


Blue Exigo provides customer service support. Basically, this includes the inbound and outbound calls that companies need to deal with especially to treat their clients well. This is an important aspect of company because if their clients are not satisfied, then bad things follow.

The company also provides lead generation. This works in addition to all the web development services that they offered. When these things team up, a company is assured of having a perfect income.

Data Entry is also offered by Blue Exigo. Basically, these people are accurate and keen on what they do. They make sure that what they give is only perfection and accurate entries.

Order processing makes a business complete. Since their employees are surely welcoming and accommodating enough, Blue Exigo never fails to assure that orders are well-done as well.

Lastly, they also have transcription. When everything seems so tedious for a company, they can easily provide the stuff regarding transcription from these professionals.

Why Should You Work Here?
People flock on their company simply because of their commitment to success. Their administration makes sure that they are able to meet the expectations of their clients without disregarding their employees’ welfare as well. Also, employees adore how Blue Exigo compensate their people. Benefits in terms of medical and dental are also provided. Therefore, no one is surely left behind by the company Blue Exigo.

Blue Exigo main headquarters:

  • Blue Exigo USA
    7700 Irvine Center Drive
    Suite 800 Irvine, California
    United States

Blue Exigo Philippines call center office address:

  • Blue Exigo La Union
    3/f CAP Bldg
    San Fernando City
    La Union, Philippines

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