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Bluefox Philippines

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Bluefox is a globally oriented catalogue based distance-selling business that has over 17 years of experience in the mail order industry and serving millions of customers. It has developed a profitable business model and is now bringing its experience and passion to new emerging markets and duplicating its successful and proven model in multiple countries across the world. It was founded and initially financed by Direct Group. Bluefox Philippines catalogues are filled with new products from International suppliers offering a wide, ever-changing and expanding range of items, house textiles, collectibles, gadgets, cosmetics, health & beauty, books, dietary supplements etc.

Bluefox is a non-internet business; it has specific push campaigns that reach a highly targeted group of customers. Bluefox Philippines reaches a wider range of people including those with no internet connection and in remote locations. Through the catalogue, customers can touch and feel the catalogue which allows more emotional processing, greater internalization of a marketing campaign. Mailings however are personalized and it is emotionally powerful and memorable.

The area of expertise of Bluefox is on best media concepts, best mailings, best products complemented by a full team of highly experienced professionals, Database experts, Sourcing & assortment specialists. It offers an innovative way to do distance selling in emerging markets and to create a valuable customer database through incentives that it has already mastered and now want to scale. It helps efficiently build a unique mailing database and monetizes this database through clients’ engagement. The company follows a 5-step process in order to engage customers and produce frequent purchases. Bluefox Philippines also uses various media channels for advertising, including the most popular newspapers in all the target countries. It gives clients incentives to share contact information, engaging them in the “buy and get a chance to win” concept. It builds a database and create a path for the subsequent development of new channels: mobile and e-commerce.

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