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Bluestone Servicing Call Center

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Bluestone Company was established in Australia in 2000 has expanded successfully in Europe in 2009 and in New Zealand in 2003. An established business financial company and owned by multiple systematic investors Crescent Capital Partners, Lloyds International and Macquarie Bank has two core partitions operating as Bluestone Capital Management and Bluestone Asset Management.

Bluestone Servicing Call Center has a financial support connection with Westpac Bank, Barclays Bank, Forum Real Estate Partners and Bank of Scotland. Responsible for the process and administering its real estate assets and finances.

BAM has been responsible for asset backed portfolios since 2000, which included Bluestone’s non-conforming mortgage origination which has handled 2% below in cumulative cost on the book.

BAM has overseen of $750m as standby basis and $1bn in assets on a primary basis, which includes the following in its assess classes:

  • Residential land sub-divisions
  • SME equipment leases
  • Auto loans
  • Unsecured loans
  • Reverse mortgages (including portfolios securitized under the Emerald program)
  • Residential mortgages (including portfolios securitized under the Sapphire program)
  • Small ticket commercial mortgages

The services below for Asset and Portfolio management services are presented to banks, bond investors, stakeholders, Trustees and institutional fund investor’s areas.

  • Trust management (cash & bond administration)
  • Standby or Backup Servicing
  • Core servicing (customer & loan administration)
  • Property Management and loan resolution or restructuring strategies
  • Special servicing (collections and arrears management)

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