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Bonusfon Philippines

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Bonusfon.com is a US-based company that provides VoIP software and technology solutions to companies and individual consumers. Bonusfon has the technology and expertise to provide crystal-clear, low-cost calls around the globe. Bonusfon Philippines is a section of Bonus Call Inc, a VOIP software development and PC to PC calling solution company that is headquartered in 3982 Horner St Union City, California USA, which offer improved telecommunication services and VoIP for the netizens and the virtual community.

Through Bonusfon technology, people can eliminate the need for in-house communications technician for the management of their VoIP communications in the home or office. Its IP enabled software solutions simplify the process for VOIP communication by merely entering your username, password and IP address to make VoIP calls. Thus, the company has redefined and revolutionized the future of telephony that allows people from around the globe to communicate beyond the bounds of time and geography with great quality voice, low cost entry, ease of use and other special features.

The major product solution of Bonusfon is the Buzzfon which is readily available for download in leading online software distributing sites in the Internet. This software provides the clearest and high quality voip calls even for dial up internet subscribers. The software allows communication from PC to PC, PC to phone and vice versa as well as phone to phone over the internet. One simply needs to download the software, register and the user gets unique personal Buzzfon number and PIN instantly which one can use as phone anywhere in the world. The company offers free international calling minutes for the first initial uses and then later charges 1 cent/minute for all type of international calls. Other features of the phone, included ID, Caller ID Blocking, Call Forward, Call Transfer, Call Park, Call Conference and iPBX at their finger tips. It also offers VoIP devices including IP phones, Analog Adapters for legacy equipment, Terminal Adaptors to connect to the PSTN, USB phones and Wi-Fi phones for the mobile users.

Bonusfon Philippines call center office address:

  • Bonusfon Davao
    152 Nolasco Building
    Bonifacio St.,Davao City
    Mindanao, Philippines
    Phone: 1-866-2630-701
    Fax: 63-82-2225408

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