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Boost Sales in Call Center

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One of the most important critical services that are often outsourced in contact centers is the marketing and sales functions of the company. In the call center industry, this is usually referred to as outbound calls as oppose to inbound calls, in which agents proactively call prospective customers to sell a service or a products such as insurance, pension plans, real estate, among others.

Because of the proactive approach of outbound call center services, training solutions for this service differs as it focuses on sales marketing rather than learning skills and strategies for handling complaints or addressing customer problems. That being the case, outbound call center agents should have intensive sales training as part of their training and orientation programs. Agents should be sales oriented which means that they are geared towards active advertising and marketing.

Agents to be recruited should be smartly convincing or persuasive. It goes without saying that agents should be profoundly knowledgeable about products and services. That patience is a virtue is an adage that every sales personnel must adhere to. Every Romeo out there is well familiar that it takes time and effort to court a Juliet. In the same token, it takes time to convince a customer to try or like or buy ones services or products for that matter. This entails patience on the part of the agent.

Most companies implement cross selling by transferring inbound calls to sales teams. This is more effective than call backs because the customer is already on the phone and has allotted time for a possible purchase. Sales teams should therefore be sufficiently staffed to prevent queues that dismay potential clients. Moreover, customer service personnel should also be well familiar in determining potential buyers before calls are transferred.

In making sales, effective communication is of critical importance because of the impersonal nature of a call. Sales call agents should therefore be trained to be persuasive, influential and credible. Thus, sales agents should be clear, transparent and honest especially when it comes to pricing. They should find creative ways to engage customers instead of dominating the conversation. There should be enthusiasm in their communication that does not sound boring and routine.

Instead of utilizing memorized lines, agents should approach every customer in a different manner. It would also be advisable that agents conduct a background check of every customer to be called before calling. This will give them knowledge on how to approach the particular customer as well as correctly identify needs or wants with which they can customize their products and services to fit customer requirements. Agents should understand the value of customer’s time and should therefore learn how to keeps calls short and direct to the point.

Then agents should ensure that potential customers are informed of any other ways to contact the company through phone, email or website for any more detailed inquiries if the customer becomes interested.

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