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Boutique Outsource Solutions

Boutique Outsource Solutions is an Australian proprietary company that specializes in servicing Australian-based finance-related companies for setting a BPO operation in the Philippines. It is a company that focused more on personalized approach to the provision of outsource staff. Skillful and well experienced executive management team and coordinates in the mortgage, management and business process aspects in outsourcing are the keys to their success. Not just that the company are able to deliver an exceptional level of service, they were also able to give fitting solutions to their clients’ needs by providing flexible solutions. Boutique Outsource Solutions offers them the liberty to focus on improving the clients’ business processes while taking care of the rest of the clients’ operational requirements.

Boutique Outsource Solutions Vision
Boutique Outsource Solutions vision is to attain sustainable and profitable growth by providing the best quality boutique solutions and services to our clients achieved through our peoples’ diverse talents and skills in an environment that fosters passion, excellence, honesty and lasting relationships while keeping in mind that work should always be fun and empowering.

Boutique Outsource Solutions Core Values

Passion for People
Recognize that people are the best and most important asset of the company. Also, respecting individuality and value diversity as an essential component in doing business and providing a great work environment where people treat each other with respect and dignity.

Excellent Service
Boutique Outsource Solutions relentlessly pursue excellence in everything they do, every day since they fully understand and exceed their clients’ needs, wants and preferences. The company not just deliver what is best for their clients but they are also capable of delivering only what is best for them.

Honest Dealings
Boutique Outsource Solutions strive to act with integrity in everything they do. Fairness is considered all the time and practices the highest ethical standards by honoring their commitments to their people, clients, business partners, suppliers and service providers.

Lasting Relationships
The company emphasizes respect in all the relationships they form inside and outside the organization. Boutique Outsource Solutions take responsibility for their actions and foster trust and confidence in each relationship they form.

Culture and Engagement
BOS advocates fun at work. Their goal is to infuse fun in everything that they do as an organization.

Employee Benefits
Boutique Outsource Solutions offer benefits to its employees such as medical and dental benefits and miscellaneous allowance.

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