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BPO Brokers

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Business Process Outsourcing is the practice of turning over support business functions to specialized service providers usually in countries like the Philippines that offer cheaper labor. A direct outsourcing contract involves two parties namely the outsourcing company and the outsourcing service provider. In an indirect outsourcing contract, a third party usually called a bpo broker is involved. The broker serves as the agent or middleman that finds companies or clients in need of outsourcing as well as appropriate service providers for the client.

Outsourcing brokers are most common for freelance service providers. They often serve as interface where client in need of service and the service provider meet and transact. The broker than gets a certain percentage from the client’s payment as commission for their broking service. A typical example of such broker included odesk.com and guru.com. These websites serve as junction where clients and providers meet. Clients post their job requirements in the website while service provides post their services.

Clients are afforded to search from prospective service providers while the latter can find work. The services that are outsourced are diverse ranging from writing projects, programming, administrative assistance, project preparations, marketing, among many others. The BPO brokers usually caters for individuals, SME’s and other business companies that require short term projects. Because transactions are usually conducted online, between parties that are practically unknown to each other, trust is very important in making outsourcing work.

In the contact center industry, which often involved larger company’s third-party brokers basically serve similar function between the client and the service provider. However, instead of merely preparing a static website where clients and service providers converge, call center brokers negotiate, manage and sometime even take financial risk in outsourcing projects abroad.

Big call center companies usually have their own in house brokers which forms part of their team which looks for potential clients abroad. Some however require brokers who will look clients for them. In other words, the marketing and searching for clients are further outsourced to specialized providers called BPO brokers, who have the right network and connection to companies in need of outsourcing.

Some of the popular outsourcing brokers in the US included Alsbridge, Baker & McKenzie, EquaTerra, iProjects, Mayer Brown, Quint Wellington Redwood, Sheppard Mullin and Zinnov Management Consulting among many others. This BPO brokers also provide consultancy services which clients contact to find suitable service providers to address the need of the client or which service providers (e.g. call Center Company) contact to find clients whom they can provide services to.

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