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BPO Salary Guide Philippines

The salary range of the BPO industry in the Philippines is very broad. This is because there are especial salary rates extended for foreigners employed in the country in equal position. For instance, A Filipino operations manager in a small call center company ranges P50,000 to P100,000. But for an American employee in the same position, the salary is way higher, which is at least P100,000 plus additional benefits.

For entry customer agent positions, which are apparently mostly obtained from local manpower sources, the average minimum salary is PHP 14,400. Rates in call centers located in the provinces may be cheaper, at around 12,000. However, employees who are extremely talented and have extensive experience can get a salary to as much as PHP 24,000. Aside from one’s qualifications and performance, the salary rate would apparently differ based on company policies and account handled. Technical support representatives usually get a higher rate than typical customer service agents. However, bilingual customer agents usually get higher rates than technical support agents. On the other hand, outbound customer agents are often offered generous commissions on top of their monthly salaries.

Online English tutors who are also included in the call center industry receive less. Most of this online tutorial centers are run by Koreans, who are known not to be as generous as other foreigners. Salary ranges for online tutors is P10,000. Some employees who are considered trainees even receive the minimum salary rate for their services.

In the BPO industry, positions that relate to information technology are given higher salary rates. This is because of the special rare skills required for the said positions. The entry level for a programmer is around PHP20,000. Entry level computer engineers receive at least PHP25,000. In the same manner, the salary range can differ depending on one’s qualification, experience and performance as well as company policies.

Salaries for team leaders and supervisors for a call center company and IT outsourcing company range between the lowest agents and the operations manager. One can receive at least P30,000 – P60,000 a month. This excludes other incentives and benefits such as car loans and other rewards.

Aside from the salaries, the BPO industry is known to provide other incentives and benefits to its employees in order to attract and retain the brightest and the best in their respective business. Most companies usually offer night differential pays, hazard pays, insurance health benefits, transportation allowance and other similar activities to make their pay packages more attractive.

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