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When it comes to financial, outsourcing, and customer service support, BPO International Inc. has made all of these possible. The company aims to provide the outmost assistance to its clients through giving the main paper works needed by any business. BPO International enjoys rich accounting teams which are all certified professionals in their field. It has been awarded prestigious awards. The team is now composed of more than 300 professionals and dedicated workers as well. Aside from that, its quality has been proven because of a long list of customers in which 4000 are local and multinational clients.

Their three main services are financial, outsourcing, and customer service support. But, each section has another set of services which are offered to their clients. Here are some of their services:

Financial Services – This refers to all money-related services by this firm. It offers accounting, bookkeeping, expense and revenue reporting, financial reporting, and financial analysis. Aside from this, it also holds project accounting, account receivable and collection, and accounts payable. Financial Service also includes asset management such as fund handing and other investments. Tax Reporting is also included here.

Outsourcing – This pertains to the professionals gathered by BPOServe. In this list, you can get to choose who will be the people you want to work with you.

Customer Support – This pertains to their assistance for their clients. It will surely enable you to handle concerns from you clients quickly.

Why Should You Work Here?
You should work here because BPO International aims to be the outsourcing employer of choice. It reflects the values of their company which is passion, responsiveness, innovativeness, determination, and effortless teamwork. Aside from that, it also values their relationship to their employees by giving them world class treatment. Their working environment is definitely beyond one’s imagination. They also have unlimited career tracks in which their employees could easily grow.

The company offers competitive compensations and benefits. You will truly experience an unending feeling once you get hired here. You will learn more about your career. If you are taken in as an accounting officer, you will surely learn a lot about accounting. Aside from that, you will not get bored here. You have lots of various tasks to do. And these tasks will surely make you excited to work. Lastly, you should consider working here because his company is assured to rise to the top.

BPO International call center office address:

  • BPOServe Makati
    SGV 1&2 Building
    6758 Ayala Avenue
    Makati City, Philippines

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