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Brand Archipelago BPO

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Established in 2001, Brand Archipelago is a business process outsourcing company that assist organizations locate their business processes offshore and initiate their start back-office operations in the Philippines. Brand Archipelago Philippines specifically caters a captive center development that accentuates on on companies that devote a considerable amount of their operating capital to telemarketing, customer support, collections, catalogue sales, or online support work.

At the moment, the company had helped established over fifteen offshore BPO facilities located in the Philippines, India, and the Eastern Europe. Brand Archipelago Philippines have managed those facilities to provide teleservices, collections, and back-office processing services, Business Lead Generation, Call Center Consultants, Recruitment and staffing, estate agent, human resource management, incubation services, routine office operations, piloting services, property and real estate management, content development and editorial and production, content coding, abstracting and indexing and data management, electronic data recovery transcription and other services for the different companies in the Healthcare, Legal, Publishing and Transaction markets.

Brand Archipelago approaches each project as your partner and advocate to connect, address and solve the particularities and requirements of outsourcing to the Philippines from a North American business approach. The company has a team of professionals that has a comprehensive and clear understanding of the considerations that companies must address in order to adopt and thrive in the economies of the operations offshore. This expertise holds up you through clever solutions that is carried out and aligned to client requirements. With its global experience, the company posts itself as the preferred choice of BPO and call center operations for its profound talent, extensive experience, deep quality, maturity and in depth knowledge and commitment to excellence.

Brand Archipelago can generate value for clients for its extensive experience site development and operations from staffing, technical requirements and establishing local relationships required to get your offshore business operating quickly, economically and smoothly in no time.

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