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Branders Philippines

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While the company is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, it has branches in China, Philippines, and Mexico. Branders.com in the Philippines functions as one of its regional operating headquarters which facilitate online business transactions in Asia, America and Europe. Branders.com in the Philippines is composed of agents that provide customer service assistance from telemarketing, sales, order taking, sales support services, account management and other support functions to assigned markets of Branders.

Thus, technically, Branders Philippines is not really an outsourcing company because its employees directly serves customers of Branders itself. Branders Philippines was categorized only as an outsourcing company because its utilized ICT systems in providing services and its employees perform services mainly for a foreign customers, which however are Branders’ direct customers that’s why office hours is also in sync with American office hours.

In the Philippines, Branders call center has become one of the most sought after companies in the outsourcing industry because it is named as the best-paying employer in this sector in terms of providing salary, bonuses, and benefits. Average total compensation of employees at Branders is 50 -60 % than the average BPO company. Fixed based incentives, commissions, bonuses and remarkable health care benefits makes its remuneration the best in the industry. This is also why Branders Philippines only gets and retains the best sales people in the industry.

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Branders is an exciting co. dealing w/ corporate promotional materials.

Nobody can beat branders when it comes to compensation and benefits..

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