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Brands that Shout Call Center

Posted on September 14, 2015 | No Comments on Brands that Shout Call Center

Not all may agree on this, but somehow, if you have been a call center agent for a while, you would notice certain brands are so famous in the call center environment that whenever you see these brands, call center would come into your mind. Let’s take a look at these brands and see what makes them so famous.

Starbucks. This is famous in call centers for the very obvious reason – coffee. Coffee is the number one best friend of most of the agents (because some would prefer cigarettes and sodas over coffee). Though there are vending machines around the office giving out free coffee, having a double espresso, or sometimes triple, would allow you to function all night. Not to mention other coffee variations that only Starbucks could offer.

Yellow Cab. For some reason, pizza is the most famous food in call centers. It isn’t clear though, if it is because pizza has all the elements we need for food – carbs, meat, protein etc., or simply because we tend to follow the American culture whose idea of a career-oriented lifestyle dinner is a box of pizza delivered right in your doorstep. So whenever there are birthdays, promotions, new-hire agents and even on customer service day, Yellow Cab pizza is never missing on the table.

Havaianas. Even if most call center companies prohibit the employees to wear flip flops in the office, a lot of agents (especially the ladies) miraculously get it despite breaking this rule. Though some would prefer Chuck Taylor sneakers, colorful feet brought about by this Brazilian brand still dominates. It feels really comfortable when you wear them in the carpeted floor while walking for floor support.

Chuck Taylor Sneakers. Basically the same reason why Havaianas is famous – comfort. Ladies and the gents normally have a pair of two of this ultra-comfortable footwear, and what’s more, you can pair it up with almost all kinds of outfit.

7-Eleven. Of course, everything we need is basically in a convenience store – from cigarettes to bottled water, junk food to keep sleepiness at bay, food for lunch and another variation of much cheaper vanilla latte. 7-Eleven has become the safe haven of those agents who needed a quick fix on anything.

There are actually more brands to mention, but these are basically the ones on the top of the list. If you currently work in a call center or applying for a job in there, look for these brands inside the floor, or in the recruitment hub. They are all just in the corner.

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