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Build Rapport with your Customers

Posted on February 21, 2016 | No Comments on Build Rapport with your Customers

Talking over the phone for hours is very challenging and undeniably tiring, especially if you are talking about the same thing over and over again. As a call center agent, you could perfectly understand this, and oftentimes, you would think on ways on how to make each call different.

Difficult callers and irate customers are already a part of your everyday life as a call center agent. However, you can minimize getting them just by speaking with them in a very nice way. Customers appreciate it when they really feel like you understand where they are coming from, especially when they are calling to complain about the service they are getting. There is no other way to that, but of course, to build rapport.

So how do you build rapport to your customers and make them feel comfortable? Here are a few tips.

Don’t ask them about the obvious. Of course when you sense that the customer is calling to complain, you don’t ask how the day is going for him or her. It is very obvious that your customer is dissatisfied, and so, do not ask, but rather, share a story where in you were stuck in the same situation as your customer. That way, he or she will feel that you really believe that you understand the situation and that you are more than willing to help them.

Jolly customers need rapport too. Not every call you’d receive is all about difficult customer or irate caller. There are also some who are jolly and nice, and they, too, need to feel more comfortable. These are the customers whom you can ask about the day. You can also try asking them about other things like what they do when they’re bored, or maybe about their favorite book and so on.

Tell stories about the information they are providing you. Oftentimes you’d need to get some details from your customer like address and stuff, and you can also tell stories about the information he or she is providing you. Example, if the customer is located in, say, Culver City or Beverly Hills, you could say, “You must have met a lot of Hollywood actors,” and stuff like that.

Being friendly to your customers is not that hard. In fact, it is one way for you to get through the day, and you would never notice the time pass if you are enjoying it. So start being nice and do rapport building.

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