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How to Build Rapport

Posted on October 12, 2015 | No Comments on How to Build Rapport

It’s been months, but despite of your sales coach’s advice on how to hit that sales quota, you are still getting below average sales. Your quality assurance coach is still marking you down for being unfriendly towards the customers. All your recorded calls, though you have resolved the issue, sound bleak, and they seem to be missing something. You feel like you have done your best, but still getting the same results as if you have done nothing at all. Think twice. Maybe you don’t build enough rapport with your customers.

Building rapport with the customer is one of the most important things that you have to master as a customer care specialist. Not only it avoids irate callers, it also gives you an advantage – because once the customer felt comfortable with you, everything follows – your sales, the quality of your call and your overall customer satisfaction.

So how do you build rapport? You might think that a simple how are you doing would suffice, but since this is the most commonly used tactic by most agents, customers are almost expecting everyone to ask that very question. As a result, they would tell you exactly how the day had been or how upset (even angry) they are that’s why they called, in full details. Imagine what would it do to your average handling time, right? So asking a more specific question. You can ask them how’s the summer, if it’s July or August. Ask about how they are enjoying the season. The point is, you just have to take note of the season, or what time is it of the year.

One thing more, reading a book in your workstation during avail time has it’s a purpose. One, to escape boredom of long avail time. Two, it gives you ideas on how your customer thinks, and the things they might enjoy. You can ask them how they celebrated July Fourth, or Thanksgiving. You can also tell them about the book itself, and ask them if they are fond of reading books as well, and what they are currently reading. You can also ask them about the latest news and current events, and this would require you to read more news or watch CNN.

There are a lot more ways to build rapport. All you have to do is make a little bit more of an effort finding them.

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