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Business Sidelines for Call Center Agents

While the BPO industry has provided employment to numerous Filipino professionals and is said to provide sufficient compensation for professionals, some call center agents may find their salaries insufficient especially those who are just starting, are not regular or are raising large families. In lieu of which, here are some business sidelines that call center agents can engage into so that they can capitalize on the network of professionals that they can establish.

The easiest and most logical business sideline that a call center agent can do is to sell. They can opt to sell cellphone loads to their colleagues which is quite convenient because they will not be carrying anything but a cellphone. But for the business minded, they sell fashion accessories, and novelty items. They can join AVON, Natasha and other similar direct selling companies and sell perfumes, deodorants, health and wellness products to their colleagues. Food is also a necessity that one can sell to his or her colleagues.

A call center agent is usually trained to improve their English communication skills because most of them cater an English speaking market. One can take advantage of this skill and share them to others who want to learn or are studying English. If you can appropriately manage your time, you can provide English tutorial services to students whether online or in person. There are many students like Koreans, Japanese and Iranians who look for private English tutorial lessons which a call center agent can offer.

The communication skills that one develops being a call center agent provide many opportunities. Being able to speak fluently and more confidently in English makes one more confident in talking in public. One business sideline that a call center agent can do is to work as a side event host of occasions such as weddings, reunions and parties.

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