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BusinessOnline is a company that focuses in customer service of world-class quality. The staff, which is composed of highly capable individuals, is trained to a level where clients can be positive that their brands are in exceptional hands. Furthermore, the promotional direction as implemented by BusinessOnline’s competent representatives will increase clients’ businesses and open up opportunities across the globe.

BusinessOnline discovers that by functioning from the Philippines by means of its office in Metro Manila, the company can bring top quality and cost effective English language services for Asian clients that would want to get bigger in the international trading floor, and also for clients from English speaking countries that need back office solutions that are inexpensive for both their domestic and international enterprises.

BusinessOnline is capable of delivering a kind of customer service that is of world class quality to back up the clients’ businesses. The company has a wide range of experience in providing the following services which are guaranteed to be of exceptional quality.
– Chat Support (pre and post sales) utilizing common application such as zopim
– Pre-sales email support to prospective customers
– E-mail support to customers after sale
– Phone support to customers after sale

Moreover, the company already has clients who have outsourced almost the entire operations, and these clients continue to expand and increase their profits.

BusinessOnline also focuses in delivering inexpensive Data Entry Solutions. The company utilizes industry-standards outstanding practices in treatment of data. In addition to this, the company is also capable of providing assistance when it comes to scheming and executing a protected way to transfer and receive them as well.
Examples of the most common projects in Data Entry:
– Online orders
– Application forms
– Registration forms
– Survey processing
– Employee expense forms
– Customer data collection
– Conversion of hard copy or copy-protected format databases to online databases.

Furthermore, BusinessOnline also has the capability to include the training needs of the clients coming from various industries and enterprises, focusing on solutions that are web-based, user-friendly and cost effective. In addition to this, the company also offers services like assistance in creating and designing a comprehensive business model for the clients based on BusinessOnline’s outsourcing solutions.

BusinessOnline further offers Virtual Assistants in an office environment. These people are always available when required and are completely handled by the office managers in the client’s BusinessOnline turn-key office.

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