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Buzzfon Philippines

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Buzzfon is a Filipino VoIP solutions provider that aims in helping individual and companies make free IP to IP calls worldwide. Buzzfon Philippines main service product is the BuzzfonP2P, a free, compact and convenient soft phone that allow people to make crystal clear pc to pc calls possible without the choppiness, echoes or the static noises even in low bandwidth environments.

Buzzfon essentially uses VoIP – Voice Over Internet Protocol, which allows people to have free or low cost digital calls using the internet for personal, business or network use. Unlike free chat clients like Yahoo or MSN or net2phone, Vonage, it provides communications without the crackling sounds, choppiness, echoes that get in the way for clear communications. The buzzfone is a is essentially a VoIP softphone that runs on a and converts analogue voice into digital formats to travel over the internet and convert it back to analogue sound which could be heard by the other end of the line.

Buzzfon Philippines uses the latest communication protocols for transmission, Session Initiated Protocols (SIP) secure voice communications as well as compression and decompression technologies to achieve clearer and faster communications over the internet. Moreover, Buzzfon is easy to install and does not require complicated configuration to use. It also does not leave spywares to ensure security and privacy of users.

Buzzfon also provides continues customer service support for any problems, complaints and inquiries of users.

Buzzfon Philippines office location:

  • Buzzfon Davao
    152 Nolasco Building
    Bonifacio St., Davao City
    Mindanao, Philippines
    Phone : 63-82-225-5315
    Mobile : 63-920-257-0992

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