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Call Blending in Call Center

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Also known as blended services, call blending is a call center strategy in which an agent both receive inbound calls and conduct outbound calls simultaneously to achieve maximum efficiency. For instance, agents provide outbound marketing campaign during quiet periods for inbound calls to help increase productivity of agents.

Call blending in a call center has advantages and disadvantages. One advantage as mentioned is it keeps agents productive all the time. It provides a significant increase in efficiency, potentially yielding agent utilisation over 95%. Moreover, the addition of outbound telemarketing would provide additional opportunities for agents to earn. For instance, sales they close in outbound calls allow them to receive additional compensation through commission. Call blending also can help agents to be motivated as the integration of customer type and the related training keeps agents learning and developing new skills, which motivates them to work. This may not be as effective all the time however especially for agents who prefer focusing or specializing in one type of service. By allowing agents to handle different types of call or contact, agents become more skilled.

Call blending however also has disadvantages. For one, some agents are simply not skilled or competent enough to perform outbound call services, thus reflecting a decline in quality services. This however can be addressed through training which would mean additional cost for the company. Meanwhile, the engagement of agents to outbound calls can potentially compromise the ability of the center to effectively and efficiently handle inbound calls thus resulting to queue lengths and queuing times and increase in call abandonment rates and thus loss of high value business. Hence, a careful balance of outbound or inbound calls should be done for a successful call blending.

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